Jaroslav Kyša

In all areas of his creative work (video, photography, object, installation), he’s been connecting moments, following mainly the visual characteristics of the inspected processes and occurrences. His artistic activity is marked with an almost obsessive need to explore and expose new aesthetic qualities found in unexpected places or to combine various objects, endowing them with new meanings. Kyša’s strategy is, in its essence, an association game in which objects (people, places) are becoming something else by means of his optics, frequently losing their original function and classification. In objects representing the major part of his artistic creation, he is constantly returning to two basic principles – exploration of qualities of both crystalline and amorphous matter and their interaction with light. The author’s visual arts programme is prevalently based upon sculpting and playing with matter and space, the processes of transformation and the instability of their mutual interaction. Presently, his interest is focused upon more sophisticated games with objects in the public space and their colouring and lighting impact.