Invisible Stiavnica - light design & newest media workshop_03
2.8. — 9.8.2015

Dates: 2. - 9. 8. 2015 

Public presence: 5. - 9. 8. 2015 

Place: Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia (“K-centrum”, Kammerhofska 6) 

Light design lector: Laura Murguía Sánchez (MEX)


Lenka Balážová (SK), Barbora Berezňáková (SK), Andrej Boleslavský (SK/CZ), Andrea Ďurianová (SK), Tibor Nagy Grosso (SK), Klára Jakubová (SK/CZ), Katarína Jančovičová (SK), Katarína Máliková (SK), Barbora Nácarová (CZ/SK/ES), Arthur Nácar (CZ), Jan Nálepa (CZ), Paťo Safko (SK), Henrich Žucha (SK/CZ) 

Organizers: ARTAKTIV (civil assosiation), Diana Majdáková (SK), Barbora Nácarová (CZ/SK) 

Invisible Štiavnica - newest media workshop is a project aimed at integrating the newest technologies into the arts in public space. The workshop takes place in the Slovak historic town of Banská Štiavnica, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This year’s workshop will focus on lighting design, interactive installations and projections in public places. 

The workshop builds on the platform/game Invisible Štiavnica (Neviditeľná Štiavnica), which enables the installation and implementation of arts in the streets and in various public places in the historical centre of the town. The question of how far one can go within public space gave rise to a specialized workshop, focusing on the spheres of technological experiment, virtual and augmented reality as well as other digital interactive performances. The workshop is attended by visual performers, art programmers, and video mappers selected from the ranks of experienced university students and young professionals in the given areas. The theme or topic is different for every year, but the main idea remains: bringing together art, technology and people in the public space. 

2015 / Year of light 

UNESCO proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light. It emphasizes the importance of light and its role in the technology connected with it in the social, cultural as well as economic development of the humankind. The topic of this year’s Film Seminar 4 Elements is ‘Senses’. The workshop in new media Invisible Štiavnica will therefore strive to reach the most important one – eyesight. We shall focus on lighting design, interactive installations and projections in public places. During the culmination of the film festival, distinctive visual and light artworks will be implemented to such prominent spots in Banská Štiavnica as the amphitheatre and both New and Old Castle. 

Light design lector 

Laura Murguía Sánchez is a Mexican architect who currently lives in Eastern Slovakia. She achieved experience as a lighting designer in Barcelona. She has a PhD degree in architecture which she gained at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Research on Energy and Environment in Architecture. In 2011, together with her husband she funded the first independent lighting design studio in Slovakia, Haz Lighting design. She is currently working as an external lecturer for the subject Lighting design I and II in Master degree at the Technical University of Košice. Nowadays she is a Design member of Professional Lighting Design Association and Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, From 2012 she started collaborating with the company Lightroom based in Prešov.

Exhibition / Synesthesia 

5. - 9. 8. “K-centrum”

Exhibition of the artworks focused on various combinations, connection or even exchange of the senses, not only in the field of new media and technology. 

Sense of light / masterclass 

The work of a light designer is primarily focused on the sense of sight. He / she must be, however, aware of how important is to take into account the rest of senses (hearing, taste, smell, and touch -and sometimes synesthesia-) for creating a unique experience. 

Studio Haz Lighting, led by Laura Murguía Sánchez, is a team of very active people. They call their approach as "cooperative activism". Their work is based on combination of different elements in artistic expressions like architecture, temporary installations, exhibitions and performances. Those are also going to be the topics of Laura’s presentation.

An example of their work:


The timing of the workshop is adjusted to the Film Seminar 4 Elements, which annually attracts a wide range of audiences, including experts on different areas of audio-visual production as well as culture enthusiasts. For many people, the Seminar has also become the highlight of the cultural summer in Banská Štiavnica. After two years of successful cooperation, 4 Elements and the workshop have established a programme partnership. 

The public has a chance to see the interactive visual performances and installations during the whole of the Film Seminar. The visual artists, programmers and performers (ideally in one person) who are invited to join the project then meet at a workshop, where they for several days create artworks intended for exhibition in a particular space. The nature of the artworks is, however, virtual. They exist either on the borders or completely outside of the physical reality. The aim is to utilize the widest possible range of new media possibilities and enable an interaction between the artworks and a wide audience through technology as well as the body senses.